Swimming goggles with myopia prescription

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You like to swim but your glasses cause you vision problems ? 

It is true that it is possible to swim without goggles, but they are essential accessories to swim correctly and more pleasantly. They allow you to see better, reduce the risk of infection and eliminate eye pain.

With these goggles, you can now swim with complete peace of mind, in the pool or in the open sea, thanks to its anti-fogging design. Its lenses available in the versions Myopia 150° to 800° allow you to swim freely with an excellent vision

The wide lens layout allows for optimal viewing angles and the soft, non-toxic silicone gaskets make it an essential swimming accessory.

Swimming goggles with myopia prescription
Swimming goggles with myopia prescription

🔶ANTI-FOG: Each lens is carefully coated with advanced anti-fog to give you a clear, long-range view under swimming water. No more blurring underwater.

🔶 COMFORTABLE : High intensity buckle, UV protection and security, allows you to enjoy the comfort. Flexible silicone frame and improved nose piece enhance comfort and ease of use.

🔶 NO LEAK: Adjustable X-type nose bridge to eliminate water leakage due to face shape and movement.


The soft silicone earplugs are waterproof and molded with reflective strips without additional support to prevent you from losing them. The goggle frames are removable and can be stored separately to keep dry for extended use. 


  • Material : silica gel (earplug and nasal 

    splint frame and gasket), polycarbonate (lens)    

  • Weight : 104 g  

  • Dimension : Around 8.1*2.2*1.9 pouces (20.5*5.7*5 cm)  


  • 1 * Swimming Goggles   

  • * Ear plugs   

  • 1 * Nose clip

  • 1  case    

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