Stretch Cover For Sofa and Armchair

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Are you looking to buy a new sofa

No need, the stretch slipcover is the solution for you!

This slipcover maintains its cleanliness as well as comfort with its affordable, stylish and modern design. No need to invest in a new sofa, just slip this cover on and your sofa will be in like-new condition.

Give your sofa a modern and new look!

Stretch Cover For Sofa and Armchair
Stretch Cover For Sofa and Armchair
Stretch Cover For Sofa and Armchair
Stretch Cover For Sofa and Armchair

🔶 Soft, non-slip and highly elastic, the sofa cover provides maximum protection. As for its attachment, there is nothing to do because it stays firmly positioned in its original place.

🔶 The cover provides total protection for the sofa. It protects the latter from wear, stains, dust, but not only that. It also gives a new life to your sofa.

🔶 The use of a sofa cover as a protection is advised for those who have small children or even animals

To effectively protect your sofa from water, this stretchy cover is completely waterproof. In case you accidentally spill liquid on your sofa, simply take a dry towel and wipe it off. 

With its universal size, the cover can fit almost any sofa model. Designed with soft, stretchy material, it fits your sofa's shape very well.

  • To avoid any risk of allergic reactions, the manufacturer has opted for the use of natural materials.

  • Give your living room a new look in no time with this stylish cover for your sofa!

  • Easy to clean, this cover offers a good protection of your sofa against dirt and stains. Note that it can also be machine washed, dried and then reused


  • 90 à 140 cm : 1 place  

  • 140 to 185 cm : 2 places    

  • 185 to 230 cm : 3 places                            

  • 230 to 300 cm : 4 places  


  • 1 extensible cover for sofa and armchair

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