Steam bowl for removing nail polish

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You are afraid of damaging your nails when you want to remove your nail polish? 

Well, you are in luck today... This steam bowl is a way to remove nail polish 10 times faster without the risk of nail damage. It's fast, effective and keeps your nails healthy and intact.

It has five nail slots that you can simply slide your fingers into and remove your nail polish. This makes the process twice as fast and much more effective than if you had to spend forever trying to chip the polish yourself and make a huge mess.

This nail polish remover bowl has a safe and easy to use spray system that does not exceed 52 C. This means that it will remove all the nail polish from your nails without damaging your cuticles.

Steam bowl for removing nail polish
Steam bowl for removing nail polish

🔶 Time and energy saving: This steam bowl saves us time by removing the waste one by one. It can hold up to five nails at a time and makes cleaning nails faster and less frustrating

🔶 Completely safe: It allows the steam to penetrate deep and remove all the gel without even coming in contact with your nails. Which means you can clean your nails without worrying about skin damage.

🔶 Better nail health: The high enough temperature removes all the gel and polish from your nails without damaging your cuticles offering better protection and overall healthier nails.


This steam bowl doesn't just remove nail polish. It also removes acrylics (gel or powder), shellac and much more. So it's the perfect all-in-one solution for cleaning your nails. Compared to other nail polish removers, this one removes nail polish quickly without damaging your nails and skin. The electric bowl can better protect your nails and make them smooth and translucent.


  • Material: ABS

  • Plug type: US / EU / AU / UK (optional)

  • Size: 25.8 cm x 4.5 cm x 1 cm / 10.16 "x 1.77" x 0.39 "(approx)


  • 1 * Nail polish remover steam bowl             

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