Starry sky projector for children

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Does your child have trouble sleeping in the dark?  

Illuminate your child's room with a picture of the moon, stars and animal designs with this star projector. If you press the spin button, these lights will rotate 360 degrees clockwise!

The night star projectorallows your children to discover the universe, to watch the moon and the stars fly around them to satisfy their curiosity about astronomical science. 

Starry sky projector for children
Starry sky projector for children

🔶 360 degree rotation and music player: It can be used as a LED and starry night light for kids. Different light colors can be adjusted according to your taste. The patterns are interchangeable and the built-in motor rotates the image creating beautiful patterns.

🔶 Multifunction nightlight: Remove the inner cover and put the outer cover back on, this nightlight will turn into a desk lamp. The different modes help develop children's imagination and creativity. In addition, it is ideal for new moms who breastfeed at night.

🔶 2 power modes: this starry sky LED nightlight is powered by USB (USB cable included) or by 4 AAA 1.5V batteries. If you power the device via USB cable, you can only remove the batteries.


The starry nightlight projects a magical world for you and your children. Its many projection patterns can transform your room into a relaxing environment at night. It provides your children with comfort and a sense of relaxation while allowing you to enjoy a romantic moment with your partner.


  • Name : Night light - Star projector   

  • Materials: ABS + PC   

  • Product dimensions: 130 * 130 * 127

  • Battery capacity: 1200m Ah 

  • Power supply: USB cable 


  • 1 * Starry Sky Projector  

  • 6 * Projection films (Ocean, Birthday, Christmas, Love, Horse, Galaxy   

  • 1 * User's manual

  • 1 * USB cable

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