Spill-proof faucet filter nozzle

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Looking for an easy-to-install sink cover?

Our universal strainer faucet nozzle is capable of rotating 720 degrees to eject water. This allows full use of your sink faucet for easy washing and cleaning. Its modern and practical design gives you the ability to wash your face and gargle with ease.

Spill-proof faucet filter nozzle
Spill-proof faucet filter nozzle

🔶 Safe, user-friendly design: the anti-splash filter faucet introduces air into the water stream to produce a wider, whiter stream that is soft to the touch and splash-free.

🔶 Industrial Quality: This valve tip is made of heavy duty copper, ABS body for durability and longevity. This item also features double reinforced O-ring valves that help prevent leakage.

🔶 720° rotating switches: the splash filter tap can rotate the water outlet by 720°, it is more convenient to wash with ease! 


The faucet aerator ensures a steady flow of water, sufficient air bubbles to undermine the power of water erosion and avoid splashing. It saves 30% to 70% water compared to traditional kitchen aerators, ideal for saving energy and reducing water bills.


  • Materials: Copper, ABS

  • Dimensions: 15 × 8 × 5cm 

  • Weight with packaging: 108g  


  • 1 * Universal Anti-Splash Faucet

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