Spider tablet support

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You want to use your phone and have your hands free? This stand is made for you. 

You can use it anywhere and anytime.

With this Tablet Holder, you can easily keep your smartphone or tablet at the right height. It is malleable and practical, the support allows you to enjoy a better comfort while lying in your bed or sitting in your seat.   Spider tablet supportSpider tablet support

🔶 You can then easily use your tablet on your couch, bed or any other part of the house. Say goodbye to neck pain while keeping your device at eye level.  

🔶 This stand is very flexible and can easily fit in any storage space. You can also take your stand into your car. It works with all smartphones and tablets.

List of compatible devices:

 Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab, Microsoft Surface Pro 3,4 and most other tablets  


  • Material: ABS + steel                                               

  • Color: Clear

  • Weight: 379g 


  • 1x Tablet Phone Stand in the shape of a spider

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