Solar Rose Light

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Want a more original and economical accessory to complete your interior decoration?

These bright rose flowers are beautiful. They are made of new, environmentally friendly materials, so they don't need to be watered and won't wilt. During the day, they will quietly decorate your garden; at night, they will bloom beautifully, bringing light to your garden in the dark, and adding a little different beauty to the night.

Solar Rose Light
Solar Rose Light

🔶Automatically turn on: our garden lights automatically turn on in the dark to illuminate your garden and walkways. Perfect for illuminating walkways and the ground. Our solar garden lights run 8-10 hours at night after a full charge during the day.

🔶 Durable and Reusable: Our solar light roses have been enhanced to withstand the elements. You don't need to worry about them in case of bad weather. You can also easily store them in a cool, dry place if you haven't used them for a long time, and take them out for use at any time.

🔶New realistic pattern: simply beautiful, especially at night! Made from a new material that has a good hand feel. The flower petal is exquisitely designed to mimic the real flower. Glowing in the dark, they add a beautiful touch of color to your garden, patio or deck.


The luminous roses are made of high quality materials, with IP65 waterproof rating, and are resistant to heat, stain and corrosion. Compared with real roses, the quality is better, the appearance is more delicate, and it is more suitable for weddings, parties, festivals and special occasions. It is the best gift for your family, friends and lovers.Features:

  • Composition : Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene + Stainless steel + Silk

  • Length : 80 cm

  • Solar panels : 2V / 60MA

  • Batterie : Batterie rechargeable AA 300MAH (inclus)


  • 1 * Solar Luminous Pink             

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