Soccer Training Belt

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Do you still need another person to practice soccer with?

The soccer training belt minimizes time spent chasing the ball, providing effective solo training that improves shooting, passing, catching, juggling, throw-ins and more.

The neoprene belt with adjustable hook and loop closure fits most players.

The ball is attached to the player by a high quality adjustable cord that extends up to 5.5 meters. It is ideal for field players to improve control and accuracy of passes, and for goalkeepers to improve reflexes.Soccer Training Belt

🔶New and improved waist protection: our trainer with back pad protects your waist better than other similar products. When you work out, you won't hurt your waist when you lean back too much. 

🔶 Extra wide side waist design: the enlarged side waist protection better secures your waist and prevents you from getting tired during exercise. In addition, the waist adjustment belt is also widened by ten centimeters on the left and right, perfectly suitable for all ages.

Soccer Training Belt

🔶Improved training efficiency and ball control:The powerful elastic rope allows you to save more time and focus on training. It can free your hands, maximizing the number of ball touches, increasing your passing, shooting, catching, dribbling and general footwork feeling. Therefore, it allows for quick and repeatable ball touch training.


This training belt is perfect for improving shooting, passing, catching, juggling, ball control, throw-in ....all of these training programs only need the trainer of this soccer training belt. It can also help develop skills like ball control, passing, touch and reaction.


  • Material: High quality elastic nylon

  • Stretching distance: 130cm ~ 300 cm

  • Weight : 120g


  • 1* Football Training Belt   

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