SmartHeater Pro - Portable & Economy Heater

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The powerful heater everyone wants to get their hands on, heat your home and reduce your utility bills, It's now possible.

Designed to fight hard winters and low temperatures.

Discover the perfect solution to gas crisis. Keep your home warm this winter, without spending a fortune! Eco Heat

🔶 THE SMARTHEATER PRO HEATS INSTANTLY TO PROVIDE WARMTH AND RELIEF DURING THE WINTER: Heat your home in seconds. Ceramic convector technology uses less electricity, making it a more suitable and energy-efficient solution for individualized heating.


 🔶 PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: SmartHeater pro compact and portable design makes it easy to carry from room to room to warm up the place you want.warmool

🔶PROVIDES WARMTH AND HEALTHY AIR: SmartHeater pro is equipped with an anti-microbial filter that eliminates unwanted dust and bacteria and prevents the growth of mold, bringing you fresh, clean air, unlike other convectors that leave a strong unpleasant odor.

space heater


It allows you to save on your electricity bill and heat any room at the touch of a button.

Many households are forced to use obsolete and bulky heaters. They operate without a thermostat, which considerably increases your electricity bill.


  • Color: Dark blue, white

  • Size : 152x215X142mm

  • Rated Power: 2 modes /1200w & 800w

  • Weight of the article : 680 g


  • 1x SmartHeater pro

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