Smart toothbrush

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How to brush your teeth more easily and quickly? 

With the Smart Toothbrush, you are sure to remove all the food residues that are left on your teeth. With silicone bristles, this toothbrush provides you with an unmatched brushing quality. Use it every day to ensure your teeth are white and healthy. 

Smart toothbrush
Smart toothbrush

🔶 The toothbrush is equipped with an LED light that whitens your teeth each brushing. It respects your teeth and makes them stronger and healthier.

🔶 LED light therapy guarantees you a radiant smile after just a few days of use. Don't hesitate to recommend it to the whole family.

The toothbrush has anintelligent memory. It starts automatically from the last modes of use. It helps you to have a better oral hygiene. 

Automatic and intelligent, thistoothbrush2.0 will revolutionize your routine. In just 45 seconds, ultrasound removes residue while ultraviolet light eliminates bacteria. 


  • Weight (kg) : 0,350  

  • 3 colors : White, Black and Pink    

  • Packaging (cm): 16.0 x 9.0 x 5.0  


  • 1x Smart Toothbrush       

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