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Looking for a new generation of affordable connected watch?

This connected watch is the new generation of smartwatches with body temperature monitoring, which also has heart rate and sleep monitoring features.

Track body temperature and understand your physical health!


 In this new version, the smartwatch has a brand new 1.2" color display and a fully capacitive touch, so it is easy to read and use. The soft silicone strap allows the watch to be worn on your wrist in a light and comfortable way. It is available in 5 beautiful colors with matching interchangeable straps.

Montre connectée intelligente pour sportifs
Montre connectée intelligente pour sportifs

🔶 5ATM waterproof fitness watch and 10-day battery life: This smartwatch meets the 5ATM waterproof standard and can be worn while swimming, without having to remove it frequently.

🔶 Smart Watch for iPhone and Android phones: It is compatible with most Android smartphones (not for PC, iPad or tablet) to receive calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, email notifications and other applications, supports iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc.

🔶 Smartwatch for men and women: This connected watch uses a large 1.2-inch touchscreen display that tracks your daily workouts such as step count, calorie consumption, exercise distance and time, etc. Workouts are recorded by the very Fit Pro app, accurately monitor sleep mass and measure heart rate in real time all day.


The Bluetooth touch watch is capable of recording your workout, connecting to your smartphone's GPS, accurately measuring pace, calories and distance in real time, setting and achieving your activity goals each day. This activity watch includes more practical features such as music control, an alarm clock, a relaxation mode and even an anti-stress workout. It's not just a health tracker.


  • Materials: PET

  • Color : Transparent

  • Usage: Rear view mirror                           


  • 1 * Smart connected watch for athletes

  • 1 * User Manual

  • 1 * USB cable

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