Slimming sheath ultra comfortable for the body

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Say goodbye to bulges with this slimming sheath!

 With theultra-comfortable slimming girdle, you can enhance your waistline, eliminate love handles and achieve a flat stomach.

It is one of the dreams of all women to have a beautiful figure withslimmed curves. Their wish could be granted with this ultra comfortable girdle.

Slimming sheath ultra comfortable for the body
Slimming sheath ultra comfortable for the body

🔶 It can draw a beautiful shape, lets your skin breathe and can be worn with a bra. 

🔶 This model has a unique style at the level of the panties because in case of pressing desire, it is useless to remove the whole strap

🔶 It reshapes with perfection your curves and slims the bulges of the waist and the cuffs of love. Moreover the small lace at the level of the thighs gives a pretty style to the sheath.

Size / Waist / Bust


  • 1 * Ultra comfortable slimming girdle for the body

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