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Slimming patch flat belly

Slimming patch flat belly

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Can't lose weight even if you exercise a lot and eat a lot?  

 Manage your health and beauty with the quick effects of these slimming patches.

These patches help you reach your goals faster as a tool for healthy body shape with your own calorie controlled diet or exercise program. They work to transform the slimming and reshaping of your body through a process of heating and stimulation.

These herbal body wraps are known for their effectiveness in reshaping the body and toning the skin.


Patch minceur ventre plat
Patch minceur ventre plat

🔶 Good for health: slimming patches can help people suffering from obesity and constipation to the waist, regulate endocrine disorders, restore a healthy and thin figure. This becomes more evident with the appropriate amount of exercise.

🔶 Comfortable and breathable : high quality non-woven material that makes the weight loss stickers breathable and adhesive. After application on the body parts, there is no wet and sensual feeling. The weight loss sticker patch adheres well and can be easily attached to the belly button.

🔶 Easy to use: The weight loss sticker helps you block and reduce fat consumption and burn excess fat. The size of the slimming patches is 9.45 x 8.28 inches * 20, which can perfectly cover your abdomen. It is recommended to use it once every 2 days, 6 to 9 hours at a time, insist, you will see amazing results.


These slimming patches are made from natural, safe and non-irritating ingredients. They have the ability to restore sensitive skin and close loose skin. With scientifically formulated extracts of various plant essences, you can lose weight quickly and safely while keeping your skin moist and elastic.



  •  Item Type: Slimming Patch

  •  Color: as shown in the pictures

  • Material: Plant + Natural Ingredients 

  •  Shelf life: 1 year  


  • 5  * slimming patches                    

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