Slimming girdle

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How can you hide your unsightly fat? This is the solution! 

Wear this nice slimming and sticky girdle to have a beautiful silhouette. You can wear it with a skirt or a tight dress or pants. This girdle is suitable for all types of outfits.

Slimming girdle
Slimming girdle

🔶 Wear it under your favorite outfit and instantly lose several inches of waistline in just seconds.   

🔶 This girdle allows you to do different types of movements. You can stretch, sit or dance without any difficulty.

Equipped with a silicone band, this girdle guarantees a perfect support of your silhouette. It is also very comfortable and can be worn all day.


  • Provides greater comfort    

  • Is completely invisible and adjusts to the skin  

  • Has a non-slip silicone strip  

  • Allows you to have a flat stomach and a thin waist  

  • Marries and smoothes your silhouette  


  • 1x Slimming Sheath                                           

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