Single side window film

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Are you looking for a more effective way to maintain privacy in your home?    

With a beautiful mirror design, this static cling window film will help bring both privacy and intrigue to a variety of surfaces, including shower doors and cabinets.   

The reflective mirror finish looks great inside and out, creating privacy while allowing you to look out. Easy to install, this adhesive film can be repositioned and removed to meet all of life's challenges.

This one-sided view window film provides thermal insulation in the summer and heat retention in the winter. Heat control window film can retain heat in the winter and keep it in the summer, reducing costly heating and cooling costs.
Single side window film
Single side window film

🔶  Enjoy a beautiful view inside : If you use curtains or frosted film for privacy, it will block the sunlight and views from outside, this one-way window film is much better, you can enjoy the sunlight and the beautiful view from the outside window and not expose yourself.   

🔶 100% glue-free :Glue-free design Reduces the release of chemicals. Can be applied easily with only water, easy to correct when applying, can be easily reinstalled if not damaged. It only takes one person to complete the application in a short time.

🔶 Glass protection : With an anti-scratch layer on the surface, this film is rub-resistant, non-fading and non-blistering, easy to remove, economical and convenient. And it protects the glass from explosion by preventing splashing of broken pieces.


Solar decorative films can dramatically reduce glare, save energy, control heat and block 99% of UV rays, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin and protects your interior furnishings from premature fading. They are primarily intended to be applied to buildings, but can be installed on most windows, including vehicle windows if necessary.  

Features :

  • Available dimensions : 

    - 40cm x 100cm 

    - 40cm x 200cm  

    - 50cm x 100cm  

    - 50cm x 200cm  

  • Available colors:                 

    - Silver (interior)

    - Blue (interior)    

Content :

  • 1 * window film

  • 1 * installation instruction 

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