Silicone protective cover for furniture legs

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Tired of hearing the noise caused by moving furniture? Try our silicone protective cover for furniture legs!

Silicone protective covers are suitable for all forms of furniture legs. Protect the legs of the chair table and the floor from damage. 

Scratches and noises will be prevented by the anti-slip bottom cushion without leaving mark   

chair seat cover
plastic chair leg cover
white chair leg cover
silicone chair leg end cap

🔶  Safety wise: now avoid scratches on the floor with these silicone protective covers. With the non-slip bottom pad, there will be no more scratches or unwanted noises.   

🔶 Installation method: you won't need glue to install these protective covers: install and remove them easily. With the felt pads, you will be able to slide your tables/chairs smoothly. 

🔶 Benefits: these protective covers are made of clear silicone gel. It will give an original design to any furniture style.

Compatibility : Soft and durable silicone protective cover: totally non-toxic. 

These protective covers are perfect for various types of furniture legs: dining chairs, office chairs, kitchen chairs, bar stool, chairs placed on the patio and more   Features:

  • Material : Silicone    

  • Color : Transparent                                               


  • 4 * silicone protective cover for furniture legs 

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