Silicone Mask Ear Protectors

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Wearing a mask for a long time causes pain to your ears?

Our ear protectors should meet your needs. They are made of silicone, which is soft and comfortable. The mask cord can be placed in the silicone cover instead of hanging directly on the ear, which can effectively reduce the pain caused by wearing the object for a long time. It is one of your best choices.Silicone Mask Ear ProtectorsSilicone Mask Ear Protectors

🔶Soft and comfortable elastic material:This ear muff is safe for your body, it won't cause hair loss or headaches. It fits most of the disposable or hook masks. And can fit well for both children and adults

🔶Soulage ear scratches: The ear guard is compatible with most masks on the market and reduces ear scratches. It can be replaced in seconds and relieves the ears from pressure and fatigue.

🔶 Reusable: This mask earmuff can be washed repeatedly without bending, rubbing, curling, loosening or causing other types of decay. Simply rinse with warm soapy water, wipe with alcohol or disinfectant to reuse.


Ultra-soft silicone ear cushions easily attach to face mask straps, goggles and nasal oxygen cannulas to relieve pressure, friction, tension and pain on the ears.


  • Loop material: Silica gel               

  • Weight: 2g each


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