Self-darkening welding goggles

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Keep your eyes safe during your welding sessions!

With theseSelf-Darkening Welding Goggles, you will definitely protect your eyes better. This welding protection kit has a darkening filter. It offers a clear to dark vision in 1/10000 of seconds.

 This gives you the best possible protection for your eyes. You can then do your welding safely, without fear of damaging your eyes.  

cagoule automatique soudage

cagoule de soudage
cagoule de soudure
cagoule de soudure ventilé

🔶 High sensitivity probe

Thanks to a good conversion speed, the glasses offer you a high efficiency, combined with a good durability. These glasses are perfect for all welding jobs.

🔶 The screen automatically changes color and darkens when the glasses detect arc light. It then returns to normal when the light disappears. The darkening is therefore automatic.

Self-darkening welding goggles powered by solar energy. The PC lens is effectively resistant to ultraviolet rays. It is covered with an anti-scratch coating.   

The glasses have an anti-light lens to protect your eyes. In addition, the lens dimensions are designed to resist impact and abrasion.   


  • Lens composition: PC  

  • Energy source: Solar energy  

  • Delay time: 0.1 s ~ 0.8 s  


  • 1x Welding Scope   

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