Self-centering wood drilling guide

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Need a template to drill perfectly with your drill?

The drilling jig makes it easy to find the center of the edge of a board accurately; no tedious measuring and setting by trial and error is required. This makes it the perfect tool for mortise marking and for drilling aligned dowel holes.

To use, simply line up the precisely machined notches on the dowel bar of the jig with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill. Slide the template to the next location, align and drill. There is no need to tighten the template or the buttons.

Self-centering wood drilling guide
Self-centering wood drilling guide

🔶 Adjustable : The self-centering dowel jig is adjustable to fit various thicknesses of wood boards from 17mm to 50mm.

🔶 Easy to use : Simply line up the precision-machined notch on the center bar of the jig with the dowel location mark on your board, hold the jig and drill.

🔶 High precision : Designed with a 6mm, 8mm and 10mm socket positioning pin to make different hole sizes and drill a row of holes with equal spacing.


The cutting depth can be adjusted according to the work requirements. The intelligent self-centering wood drilling guide is extremely convenient. It will be easy for you to adjust the depth and alignment of the cutter, to meet the different requirements of yours.

Features :

  • Material : 6061 aluminum alloy

  • Drill bush material : HRC50° steel

  • Surface treatment : Anodic oxidation treatment

Content :

  • 1 * Positioning device                                              

  • 3 * Pins

  • 9 * Drill Sleeves

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