Scraper for uncapping honey

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Do you want to uncap quickly?

Use this scraper and perfectly uncap a honeycomb like a real professional. This honey comb scraper has 3 more frames than a classic honey comb scraper! 

With this honey scraper you can uncap bees' nests without effort and without wasting honey. You only have to scrape the wax off once, even in deep areas. 

bee breeding for honey
honey scraper
smart honey
Separate the honey from the wax

🔶 Efficiency: do it professionally. Previously, you need to use heavy and expensive tools to uncap the honeycomb, now do it easily and efficiently with this magic scraper

🔶 Benefits: Unclog quickly with this scraper with 3 more frames than a regular scraper. Plus, it's easy to clean. 

🔶 How to use: You will be able to effortlessly uncap the hard-to-reach hollow areas of the honeycomb.

High compatibility

- Avoid making a mess: no more messing and wasting! Bees will consume less honey to make replacement wax.

- Unlike traditional tools that are heavy and cumbersome, this scraper is lightweight but helps you get the job done effortlessly.   

- No more wasted honey: remove the right amount of wax to make honey extraction easier with this scraper. Features:

  • Materials: Stainless Steel + Wood 

  • Size : 18 x 7,5 cm  


  • One Honey Scrapper     

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