Salt and pepper mill with olive oil spray Pack of 3

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Are you looking for a solid and functional pepper mill?  

Every chef knows that nothing tastes better than fresh spices! This salt and pepper mill kit witholive oil sprayer is here to make new flavors in your home. It is designed to keep your spices fresh, minimizing shiny instant messages.

The sealed lids retain maximum flavor and quality, allowing your spices to last longer. And thanks to the perfectly positioned grinding mechanism, salt and pepper go directly into your food, not on your table.

Revive your kitchen you deserve better than cheap plastic or paper grocery bags, but finding a stylish trio for salt and pepper with olive oil sprayer can be a problem. The salt and pepper mill set with olive oil spray is here to change that, so you don't have to choose between taste and appearance.  

Salt and pepper mill with olive oil spray Pack of 3
Salt and pepper mill with olive oil spray Pack of 3
Moulin à sel et poivre avec pulvérisateur à huile d'olive
pompe huile olive moulin en inox sel pulvérisateur

🔶 NO CONSTANT REFILLS: Thanks to the large 3⁄4 cup capacity, you won't have to keep refilling these 7.5-inch tall, 2.5-inch wide salt and pepper mills. Their wide mouths make it easy to fill them with all types of salt and pepper, without the need for a funnel.

🔶 KEEPS SPICES FRESH: Whether it's pink Himalayan salt or black pepper, these mills keep things perfectly fresh with the tightly sealed cap. Your spices will be preserved from humidity and dust, the glass base preventing the absorption of aromas, unlike wooden mills.

🔶 SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT: The beautiful contrast between glass and stainless steel gives this grinder set an elegance that will beautify your kitchen and impress your guests at the table. It makes the perfect kitchen gift for parties or birthdays.


This pair of identical salt and pepper mills features a high-quality ceramic grinder that is non-corrosive, does not absorb odors, and gets the job done every time. Choose between 5 grind levels from coarse to fine by simply adjusting a plastic knob at the top.


  • Materials: glass / stainless steel / ceramic

  • Olive oil sprayer size: 4 * 18 cm

  • Size of olive mills: 7 * 20 cm

  • Capacity of olive oil sprayer:100 ml  

  • Weight of each mill: about 700g


  • * Salt and pepper mills    

  • 1 * Olive oil sprayer                                     

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