Rotary Electric Cleaning Brush Kit

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Scrubbing polishing and scrubbing your bathroom bathtub toilet takes time?  

Our rotary cleaning brush is the ideal and indispensable equipment for easy and effortless cleaning. The Kit brush guarantees you an absolute cleanliness in only one passage.  

Rotary Electric Cleaning Brush Kit
Rotary Electric Cleaning Brush Kit

🔶 Perfect protection : Preserve and protect your mirrors from stains, dirt, dust and scratches , for a perfect visibility. 

🔶 Thanks to its electric system, you won't get tired anymore! Its retractable and telescopic handle allows you to access all surfaces in height


Product benefits:

  • Its 3 different rotating brushes allow an efficient and fast cleaning.  

  • Powerful with its 300 rpm.  

  • Its telescopic handle allows you to reach sometimes inaccessible areas easily.  

  • Effective without chemicals or abrasives.  

  • Rechargeable, wireless.  

  • Works with a maximum autonomy of 60 minutes.  

  • Weighs less than 1.5 kg, for easy storage and optimal use  


  • Materials : ABS Silicone, Aluminium 

  • Weight : 1.40 KG                                    


  • 1 handle and its extendable broom  

  • 3 brushes and a wall charger   

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