Rolling Knee Pad

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Is constantly kneeling at work starting to hurt your knee?

No more crawling while working on the floor with these 360° rolling knee pads!

This rolling knee pad is suitable for all flooring jobs that require kneeling: for tile professionals, flooring professionals, construction workers, builders, maintenance workers, painters, all types of installers, gardeners, homeowners, auto workers, etc.

Rolling Knee Pad
Rolling Knee Pad

🔶 HIGH QUALITY: The frame is made from impact resistant ABS plastic with pads to cushion your knees while performing your project.

🔶 EASY TO USE: The three-wheel mobile base allows for full 360-degree rotation capability without lifting off the ground.

🔶 KEEP BALANCED: High quality silicone knee pads allow for more balance, flexibility and mobility. Perfect for painting, tile or vinyl installation, auto detailing, car repair and maintenance, landscaping and more.


Rolling Knee Pads are designed for any job where you need to be on your knees, bending over for a long time. High quality rolling knee pads allow for more balance, flexibility and mobility. The three-wheel mobile base allows for 360° rotation without having to lift off the ground. The close-to-the-ground design minimizes back strain. With the push of a button, you can switch from the knee brace to the knee brace.


  • Materials: Nylon + EVA + ABS 

  • Size : 30 * 22 * ​​10.5cm             


  • 1 * Knee support with wheels

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