Revolutionary laces to be made with one hand ( Set of 2 )

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Do you want to save more time and energy?  Use our revolutionary knotless laces!  

You don't want to waste too much time and energy tying your shoes or your children's shoes? Use our revolutionary laces and simplify your life! Tie your shoes with one hand!

These laces are available in one size. With its 100 cm length, they fit perfectly on all types of shoes: sneakers, sports shoes, boots, ankle boots or others.  

Revolutionary laces to be made with one hand ( Set of 2 )
Revolutionary laces to be made with one hand ( Set of 2 )

🔶 How it works: These knotless, one-handed laces offer great comfort for everyone.

🔶 How it works: You'll have a wide range of colors to choose from to find the perfect lace up for your shoes: high or low top sneakers, sneakers, skate boots and casual shoes 

🔶 Benefits: You will save a lot of time with these laces. It will no longer be a pain to tie your laces! With these stylish laces, give your shoes a whole new look!

How to use: Just follow the instructions to tie your shoes in a quick and easy way.

Compatibility: For the elderly or physically challenged, these laces are adapted and practical. Indeed, bending over can become a dangerous position for our elders and for people who suffer from back pain.

For people recovering from an accident or with sensitive feet, these one-handed laces are perfectly suited for you.  


  • Four nails  

  • Two elastic polyester laces with metal ring hook  

  • Four round scales  

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