Retractable mountain bike mudguard

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Does mud mess up your clothes when you ride your bike?

This retractable fender is literally a revolution in bicycle fender design. This set of fully detachable front and rear fenders roll up, so they can be used only when needed and easily stored when not.

The bike can get messy on wet and muddy terrain. A retractable bike fender with tail light will reduce splashing on you and your bike, no matter how fast you ride!

Because of their design and position on the bike, they are very effective. Lightweight and super compact, they are available in several colors for a perfect fit.

Retractable mountain bike mudguard
Retractable mountain bike mudguard

🔶 Durable Material:This is a set of fashionable bicycle fenders that adopt stylish, durable and long-lasting PA material. These retractable fenders are perfect for commuting and school attendance.

🔶 Blocks mud and water splash: The retractable fender helps block the "flying" mud that the force of spinning bike tires catapults your way as you pedal.

🔶 Convenient tail light: LED tail light in the rear fender for safe and cool cycling at night. It provides 2 different lighting modes: press once to activate the permanent on mode. Press twice when you want to activate the flashing mode.


Our bike fenders have a wide and elongated design that can keep your bike from getting dirty and damaged under the rain water, to keep it dry and clean.They can be easily washed and reassembled. If it rains suddenly, they can be stretched and keep the mud bouncing. If it is not used, you can retract them easily, it is a mudguard that adopted a small and foldable sliding structure.


  • Material: PVC    

  • Length: 50 cm 

  • Length of the folded front wing : 16,5 cm  

  • Length of the folded back wing : 24 cm  

  • Width : 7 cm  

  • Color: Blue, green, grey, black and red  

  • Tail light modes: permanently on, flashing   

  • Power supply: 2 x CR2032 batteries 

  • Weight : 113 g  

  • Suitable for a bicycle fork of 18 to 26 mm in diameter,

    for a seat tube from 25 to 34 mm in diameter  



  • 1 * Front mudguard                                                         

  • 1 * Rear mudguard

  • 1 * Tail light

  • Installation accessories  

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