Repair kit for aluminium rims for car wheels

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Want to give your car's rims a facelift?  

Save the cost of repair with this rim repair kit! No need to go spend money in a garage or buy extra tools to repair damage.


The Wheel Repair Kit is designed to permanently repair curb damage, scratches, minor dents, installation damage, sanding marks and other damage to alloy wheels, synthetic wheels, steel wheels and hubcaps, and more on similar surfaces.

The kit includes everything you need to repair scuffs and scratches in 30 minutes.   

Repair kit for aluminium rims for car wheels
Repair kit for aluminium rims for car wheels

🔶 Repair of all defects 

This kit is designed to correct any damage your rims may have and restore them to their original condition  

🔶 All-in-one repair kit 

This kit is composed of complete equipment, you don't need any additional tools.

🔶High strength product. 

The product is perfectly resistant to car wash, vibration and heat up to 130°C.   

🔶 Universal design.

Suitable for any type of rims whether alloy, steel and can be used for hubcaps. 


  • 1.Clean the damaged rim with an alcohol swab.  

  • 2. Check the area to be repaired. If slightly damaged, use sandpaper to contour the repaired area. Varnish the repair area with a silver alloy.   

  • 3. Use repair adhesive in case the damaged area is larger or bumpy. Apply the required amount, mix the 2 components to a consistent gray mass with the spatula provided (finish mixing within 2-4 minutes). 

  • 4. Coat the damaged area with the adhesive mixture and let dry for 15 minutes.

  • 5. Use wet sandpaper to contour the repaired surface. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if necessary.   

  • 6. Apply a thin coat of varnish with a brush after cleaning the repair area.

  • 7. Wait at least 12 hours before using the car.


  • Net content (repair glue): 6 ml  

  • Resistant to 130 C. 

  • Repairs damage and scratches in 30 minutes    

  • Permanent repair  

  • Easy maintenance  


  • 1 repair glue 6 ml   

  • Silver grey paint 5 ml (vibration resistant)       

  • 1 Sanding file 

  • 2 Gloves   

  • 2 Cotton swabs  

  • 2 Brushes 

  • 2 Alcohol preparation pads

  • 2 Plastic spatulas  

  • 1 User Manual  

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