Remote Controlled Snake Cat Toy

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Do you like to prank your friends? 

Prank your friends, family, co-workers or even your dogs/cats by moving this spooky snake toy across the floor, and watch it slide quickly with its retractable tongue and swinging tail!

Featuring a retractable tongue and swinging tail, this frighteningly realistic snake can quickly clear out a room, and is perfect for livening up Halloween parties and entertaining kids as pranksters.

Remote Controlled Snake Cat Toy
Remote Controlled Snake Cat Toy

🔶Infrared Remote Control Snake: The toy is made of high quality materials, is non-toxic, safe, durable and has wear-resistant tires that can simulate peristalsis. The highly simulated delicate texture gives you a comfortable and real feeling.

🔶 Flexible Movement: crawl forward, stop and turn left/right, this remote control snake offers 3 frequencies to simulate the snakes current walking pattern and comes with a power cord for easy charging.

🔶Egg-shaped remote control: unique design structure that mimics all the habits of snakes. The serpentine egg-shaped remote control gives a mysterious feeling. The small appearance makes it easy to use. It is a great toy for children


Have fun pranking and scaring your friends with this fun snake that wobbles when it moves quickly. It is capable of forward, left and right rotation (also has a stop button) with a retractable tongue and swivel tail. The flexible joints and lightweight design of the snake's mouth and bottom are very cool.


  • Material: Plastic

  • Weight : 250 g

  • Color: black, white, green, orange              



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