Reflex test ball

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Test your reflex while burning off your excess calories with this reflex test ball!

This ball is ideal for testing your reflexes during your boxing training. It is an excellent accessory to improve hand-eye coordination, but also to refine your reflexes and reaction time. Helps improve your timing and accuracy.


Anyone can play this reflex test ball. It is not onlysuitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports boxes, but can also be used to improve coordination and reflex ability.  

Reflex test ball


It's the perfect fitness equipment for your gym! Tone your big body in a high intensity workout. From beginner to professional, this ball is sure to give you the workout you need.


Easy to carry and can be used almost anywhere, at home, in the office, outdoors, in your gym. Take your reflex ball everywhere with you, small headband and ball equipment, perfectly fit in your pocket or backpack. 


 Kids or adults, fighter or not ... it doesn't matter! The reflex ball is not only suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports boxes, but can also be used by anyone to improve their reflex and speed.   


Exercise is crucial for a healthy life. The reflex ball is a good alternative for cardio training. It will activate all muscle groups and allow you to enjoy the fun of boxing in your spare time. It can greatly mobilize all the muscles in your body and make you energetic in your work and life. 


  • Materials: natural rubber (inside) + polyester fiber (surface) 

  • Color: red (ball)

  • Weight: 98 g  

  • Headband length: 460-700 mm (elastic)

  • Ball diameter: 60 mm (approx.)  


  • 1 reflex ball     

  • 1 flexible headband             

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