PS4 Controller Charger and Fan

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Do you want to play for hours on your PS4 console without being interrupted? 

The internal component's console life is reduced due to rapidoverheating when you play it continuously. In addition, repair work can be time consuming and expensive.


The 3 built-in fans on this PS4 stand help disperse the heat efficiently and quietly.

Also, if you forgot to charge your controllers, this device was designed with 2 charging stations to keep your controllers charged.

PS4 Controller Charger and Fan
PS4 Controller Charger and Fan
PS4 Controller Charger and Fan
PS4 Controller Charger and Fan

🔶 A flexible and sturdy holder: keeps your precious console in perfect condition. By investing little money, you will protect your PS4 with this versatile and multi-functional station.

🔶 Featuring super quiet cooling fans: The vertical stand has 3 built-in fans that provide a constant flow of cool air while effectively preventing your PS4 console from overheating. 

🔶 Charging station to charge 2 controllers simultaneously: There are two spaces for storing and charging your controllers. Put them in the compartment the moment you stop playing. They will be recharged for your next games.

🔶Dedicated space for game consoles and USB port: 1 Micro-USB port and 1 USB port. You will be able to transfer data or charge any device on it. The station provides up to 12 slots to store game cases. Have your favorite games at your fingertips.

🔶Keep your PS4 protected: non-slip EVA stand on both sides to prevent the PS4 console from slipping.


This sturdy and stylish PS4 dock with cooling fan is ideal for all PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles.



  • 1 * Controller fan    

  • 1 * Charger

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