Professional unisex back posture corrector

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Do you have back or neck pain?  Are you slumped in your seat at work?

This corrective splint allows you to straighten your normal back posture. You will no longer suffer from neck and lower back pain. 

No more neck heaviness (cervicalgia) and excruciating lower back pain! 

Regain a good posture in only a few days! 

Professional unisex back posture corrector
Professional unisex back posture corrector

🔶 This corrective splint is fixed on the parts designed to align your neck and back. It prevents back pain or problems related to poor posture. It keeps you in the correct upright position.    

🔶 This concealer also slips easily under all your clothes. It is then worn discreetly. Don't hesitate to wear it every day.

Is equipped with magnetsto reduce back and neck pain. It also corrects magnetic impulses.   

Features :

  • Adjustable splint  

  • Suitable for men and women  

  • Materials: 17% rubber, 60% polyester, 8% cotton and 15% nylon  

  • Waist size : between 60,91 cm & 109,22 cm  


  • 1x Backbelt                                                                                             

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