Professional Tool for Paintless Dent Removal

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Is the dent removal's cost at the coachbuilder too expensive for you ?

The mission of the paintless dent removal kitis to remove dents, dings or indentations created on the vehicle's bodywork as a result of impact or friction.

The objective is simple, restore the sheet metal without having to repaint after the repair. With this revolutionary tool, the paint remains intact. The massage of the bodywork takes half an hour to a day depending on the importance of the damage to be repaired. The cost is much less than taking your vehicle to the coachbuilding shop.

 Thanks to this paintless dent removal kit, there is no need to repaint or damage the factory finish of your car body!  

Professional Tool for Paintless Dent Removal
Professional Tool for Paintless Dent Removal
Professional Tool for Paintless Dent Removal
Professional Tool for Paintless Dent Removal

🔶 How to use it?It is a quick repair tool, it also saves time and effort. Each tool can work on the different hits suffered.  

🔶 Its benefits : Easy to use, repairs several types of dents: at least 90% of dents and hail damage. No worries about your vehicle's paint: zero scratches, lightweight and durable.

High compatibility:

This tool is compatible for damaged motorcycle, car, refrigerator or even washing machine. No need to repaint or damage! It is effective and safe. Use this miracle tool to get rid of dents and other impacts for good!  


  • 1. Clean the damaged surface with a clean, damp cloth.   

  • 2. Place the glue stick on the gun and connect the power source.

  • 3. Select the glue pull tab according to the size of the tooth,

    place the heated glue on the pull tab, immediately place the pull tab in the middle of the tooth and hold it until it sticks.


  • 20 * dent removal tabs

  • * glue gun with two glue sticks                                                  

  • * dent remover

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