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Professional garlic press in stainless steel

Professional garlic press in stainless steel

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What's better in the kitchen than cutting garlic in a few seconds without your hands smelling after you're done? 

It's no secret that one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen can be finely chopping garlic to enjoy your favorite meal. We've all been guilty of reaching for the sharpest knife in the drawer or using other cumbersome machines that can sometimes be time consuming.

We have good news for you, those days are over! With this simple and easy to use garlic press, all you have to do is use it, rinse it, and repeat to become a household hero!

Of course, this is an excellent garlic chopper that you can expect to get. Featuring a fascinating design, it has a bow-shaped design with an ergonomic handle. Thus, it offers you a firm grip. Moreover, this garlic chopper is very easy to use. Just place it on a garlic clove. And move it back and forth in a rocking motion.

Professional garlic press in stainless steel
Professional garlic press in stainless steel

🔶 MATERIAL SAFETY: This garlic prese is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, conforming to the food standard, and has special technology. Anti-mildew, anti-slip, anti-corrosion, no rust, pasteurization, no deformation, no damage, long life, very durable. The dishwasher is safe, no sharp edges, and is safe for fingers.

🔶 SIMPLE OPERATION: It's quick and easy to crush or chop garlic, ginger and onions with a gentle back-and-forth motion. This saves you half the time and energy. At the same time, the garlic will not be crushed, but micro-cut, which keeps the aroma of the garlic. This is an essential kitchen gadget.

🔶 EASY TO CLEAN: Just rinse it under running water or run it through the dishwasher. You can also clean it with a brush that can easily clean the surface of the garlic. It is a small size accessory, easy to carry, easy to store and saves space in the kitchen.


This professional garlic press is a kitchen appliance designed for garlic and ginger. Unlike the traditional garlic press, this one has a curved structure and ergonomic design. It is comfortable and easy to squeeze, while preventing garlic smell on your hands. Even people with weak grip or small hands can squeeze it easily. Ideal for those who don't like to use the traditional garlic press and want to save effort.


  • Material: stainless steel

  • Color: as shown in the pictures

  • Dimensions : 10,5cm x 5cm x 7cm                   


  • 1 * Professional Stainless Steel Garlic Press 

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