Professional Dent Removal Kit

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Does dent removal cost you a lot of money?

Car accidents can be expensive and traumatic. Despite this, you need to get your vehicle back to its original condition.


This professional dent removal kit is the best solution to remove dents in a matter of moments!


Professional Dent Removal Kit
Professional Dent Remove Kit
Professional Dent Removal Kit

🔶 Economical: the repair done by professionals is sometimes expensive. The professional dent removal kit is a simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective method.  

🔶  Fast: No need to waste time in a car center anymore! The Professional Dent Kit gives you the opportunity to do the repair yourself in no time!

🔶 Easy to use: You can remove dents in minutes just by following the instruction sheet.


✅ 1.Place the suction cup on the part to be repaired.

✅ 2. Then attach the dent removal kit and pull the lever.

✅ 3. Use the dent removal tool to pull the suction cup slightly. It only takes one pull to return your vehicle to its original condition.

✅ 4. When the dent is removed, all that's left to do is spray the alcohol solution on the suction cup and remove the glue with the included plastic scraper.


The glue used by this tool is easily soluble by any type of alcohol-based sprayer, you can remove the suction cup without damaging the paint.


This professional Dent Removal Kit can not only remove dents on your car body but also all those of other metals, including your refrigerator, washing machine, motorcycle, and many more.


Kit includes a wide range of suction cups that can repair dents of all sizes and shapes.


  • 2 in 1 extractor.

  • Easy to use.

  • Do not scratch your car's body.


  • 1 * two-in-one lever                 

  • 4 * aluminum tabs

  • 18 * opurple tabs

  • 3 * glue sticks

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