Practical removable storage box

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Your rooms always seem to be in a mess?  

Then this removable storage box is for you!

This plastic storage box is a drawer storage system that allows you to retrieve items from high shelves and store them safely and easily!

Organize and store your clothes, linens, games and more with ease. With its removable system, thisstorage boxcomes to you. Its transparent front panel allows a quick view of what you are looking for. 

Practical removable storage box
Practical removable storage box

🔶 PERFECT STORAGE: This storage box is perfect for all your storage needs and simply attaches to any wooden or wire shelf. Say goodbye to unsafe and wobbly stools.

🔶 TRANSPARENT WINDOW: With the transparent front panel, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Retrieve items from the high shelves and store them safely! It can hold up to 4kg.

🔶 TIME SAVER: No more wasted time, these plastic storage boxes allow you to sort your stuff and categorize it according to your needs. So when you're looking for an accessory, you know immediately where to look.


Our removable storage box is committed to giving you the neatest, cleanest look you've missed in a long time. Use its spacious storage space for an organized look that won't give you a headache.  


  • Dimensions : 41 * 33 *33 cm 

  • Can hold up to 4 kg                                   


  • 1 * Convenient removable spigot box   

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