Powerful Magnetic Latch (Set of 2)

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Tired of closing the door behind you when you have your hands full?

The magnetic latch is ideal for use on cabinet doors, drawers and dressers in many locations such as motor homes, home, office and store. It is made from high quality materials that are strong, durable, hard to rust and hard to wear.

The ultra-thin magnet door latch performs well in doors that open and close frequently.

Powerful Magnetic Latch (Set of 2)
Powerful Magnetic Latch (Set of 2)

🔶Ultra-thin design: the total thickness is only 1.7 inch, the maximum magnetic force is about 7kg. It can be used for cabinet doors, drawers, sliding doors, closing windows and shutters.

🔶 Strong permanent magnetic force: each cabinet latch has a strong permanent magnet, you don't need to worry about your door, drawers, windows close lax.

🔶Corrosivity-Resistance: magnetic latch is made of high quality stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, can be used in kitchen, bathroom or outdoor wet environment.


The solid 3M sticker allows you to easily install the magnetic lock, you don't need to drill or screw, save time and effort and won't damage the cabinet or door, provides a suitable screw for special use.


  • Materials: Stainless steel + strong magnet

  • Dimensions : 41 mm * 17 mm * 2.5 mm

  • Weight : 25g


  • 1 Set x Magnetic Door Stops (2 pieces)        

  • 4 x Screws

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