Powerful Dart Gun

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Looking for a more original toy to play with your kids?

The double dart gun design breaks the traditional look of gun-shaped toys and innovates the way they work. The equipment is more original, which makes the experience more exciting.

This dart gun gives a full range of gaming experience, allowing you to unload your emotions and show your heroic side.

Powerful Dart Gun
Powerful Dart Gun

🔶 Easy and portable: One or two hand use, continuous electronic shooting, mobile shooting or fixed point shooting can be done under any target! USB charging matches our rechargeable batteries! Have fun!

🔶 Super long range: the blast gun can hit any target. You can say that it is a versatile toy, whether it is hanging or moving, it can be used instead. The range is up to 10m, and the strong power allows you to hit the target better at long distance.

🔶 Safe and durable: The ball adopts EVA soft design, memory bounce, durable, zero damage soft ball, to ensure that your child will not be injured, and mothers can be reassured if they are happy.


The rotating wrist power gun breaks away from the traditional look of the gun toy design. The wristband shape is more in line with your operation. The one-handed operation always maintains a perfect success rate and a sense of participation. It is the best choice for parent-child games.


  • Dimensions : 21 cm x 20 cm x 15.9 cm

  • Weight : 0.8 kg

  • Materials: Plastic (blaster); sponge (bullets)


  • 1 x Rapid Fire Dart Gun                                  

  • 28 x Soft sponge balls

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