Posture corrector back straightener

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Do you suffer from frequent back pain when you are in a sitting position?      

This solution is made for you! You should know that a bad posture can harm your health! Perhaps you experience muscle tension and back pain when you work in front of your screen?


Athletes can also suffer frommuscular imbalance and may need this posture corrector.   

Posture corrector back straightener
Posture corrector back straightener

🔶 DISCREET:This corrector can be used at any time and fits perfectly under any outfit. You can use it while sitting at a computer or driving. Or when doing chores or watching TV.  

🔶  PRACTICAL: Made with light neoprene, this posture corrector can be worn under any type of clothing. It corrects your posture by pulling your shoulders back. You can therefore have a better posture.   

The Sports Support For Posture Correction adapts to all types of morphology. It is applied by supporting your shoulders backwards and thus eliminates the rounding of your back. The latter can indeed cause pain. The Posture Corrector is also suitable for athletes. They can thus keep their back straight during their sport session.  


  • Suitable for: Men, Women and Children  

  • Fabrics: Cotton 56.5%, Polyester 40%. 

  • Colors: White/Black

  • Sizes: 21 x 25 x 1.5 cm  

  • Shoulder width : 35 - 45 cm  

  • Weight: 50 g  


  • 1 x back straightener 

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