Portable security door lock

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A simple and safe way to protect your home when you sleep at night?

The security door lock is a portable door lock that can be installed and removed in seconds without any tools. It is a unique, new and innovative security device for anyone who needs privacy and security.

The innovative hinge and angle system anchors the lock firmly to the floor when external pressure is applied to the door. The adjustable foot, located at the end of the hinged foot, allows the lock to be installed on any type of floor: flat or sloping.

Portable security door lock
Portable security door lock

🔶 Easy to use: Whether you are an adult or a child, you can use it easily. Position the door stopper with the bottom flange under the door, directly under the door handle. Test the door to make sure the door stopper is positioned properly.

🔶 Universal compatibility: Compatible with all types of flooring, the innovative hinge and angle system firmly anchors the doorstop to carpeted, tiled and laminate floors when external pressure is applied to the door. 

🔶 Installs and removes in seconds:No tools are needed to install this revolutionary home security device. In case of emergency, you can easily remove the door lock with an upward motion.


Its patented steel design works on almost any swinging door, even without a lock or handle, and is installed by simply turning the screw. So light and compact, it fits in your bag or pocket. The Security Door Block can go anywhere with you, making it a traveler's best friend.


  • Materials: PP, metal

  • Color : Red

  • Door thickness: 35-50 mm  


  • 1 * Security doorstop           

  • 1 * Storage bag

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