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Portable Folding Mini Windproof Backpacking Stove

Portable Folding Mini Windproof Backpacking Stove

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Isn't it embarrassing to carry a bulky stove on your camping trip?  

You deserve to have a great, hassle-free camping experience!

This foldable and portable mini outdoor stove is ideal for camping or any other outdoor activity.

The mini stove is compatible with most butane canisters. Simply attach it directly to the canister without any hoses or wires. It is made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which allows it to withstand high temperatures and weight.  

Portable Folding Mini Windproof Backpacking Stove
Portable Folding Mini Windproof Backpacking Stove

🔶 High efficiency and savings: The stove uses gas very efficiently. High performance up to 4,000 BTU, even heat distribution, it takes about 3.5 minutes to boil a liter of water.

🔶 Stable and Windproof: The non-slip ribbed base can increase the friction and keep the camp stove stronger, and the wind deflector can withstand strong winds to work well in any situation.

🔶 Stable base: aluminum alloy and stainless steel gas stove that can withstand high temperatures and resist scratching and corrosion. Thanks to its sturdy base, it can support most cooking utensils up to 18 liters.


The gas stove can be folded and comes with a carrying case for easy transport. It weighs only 850g and can be easily placed in the backpack. It is ideal for camping trips and outdoor activities. Adopting piezoelectric auto ignition, the mini stove is easy to light with a flick of the switch and a built-in firepower control button that allows you to adjust the flame according to your needs.


  • Type of fuel: twigs, leaves, branches, solidified alcohol, wood, etc.  

  • Material: high quality stainless steel 

  • Folded size: 21 * 15 * 4CM 

  • Size fully set up: 21 * 15 * 15CM  

  • Weight : 235 g  


  • 1 * Mini gas

  • 1 * barbecue net

  • 1 * ashtray

  • 1 * storage bag   

  • 1 *  packaging box

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