Portable folding baby bathtub

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Want to know the average water temperature your baby can tolerate when you give her a bath? 

Make your baby's first bath a soothing and comforting experience. The baby bathtub is customizable with a screen or bed depending on your baby's bathing preferences. The built-in thermometer offers perfect temperature settings. The bathtub is portable and offers a foldable design for space saving storage.

Thanks to its foldable design, this smart bathtub is easy to store and doesn't take up much space in your bathroom. It is also equipped with a hook for hanging up after use.  

Portable folding baby bathtub
Portable folding baby bathtub

🔶 Easy to clean and store:Designed with a drain plug for quick and complete water drainage. When folded, the tub is only 7cm thick, making it convenient to store and save space in your home. It's also easy to transport, as it doesn't take up much space and you can take it anywhere.

🔶 Non-slip design: The non-slip design of the bottom and the four-point support of the bathtub legs prevent the bathtub from sagging/sliding, and ensure baby's safety. The storage grooves on the left and right are designed to hold the child's toiletries, freeing your hands and making handling easier.

🔶 Easy installation: folding bathtub with one-piece design makes it easy to set up for bath time, so you don't need to keep track of extra parts.


This baby bathtub is equipped with a smart temperature sensor. When the water temperature is too high or too low, it sets off an alarm and also changes color. The sensor also has the function of a timer and a clock. In addition, the insulated bottom keeps the water warm. That's why this bathtub is specially designed to take care of the child.


  • Type of article: Bathtubs 

  • Materials: PP and TPR plastic        

  • Color: Pink and Blue

  • Age group: babies


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