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Portable Can Opener

Portable Can Opener

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Do you often injure yourself every time you open a soda can or can?  

The innovative design of this can opener allows the lid to be safely removed without leaving sharp edges.

It can be used on most beverage cans from 24-57 cl, works well on domestic, import and craft beers, spiked sodas, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, iced coffee, sodas/seltzers, and much more.  

Portable Can Opener
Portable Can Opener

🔶 Portable Can Opener : This handheld can opener is sturdy and durable with a small size. Just fold the handle to store it safely, then slip it into your pocket to take with you. It is suitable for outdoor travel, camping and other outdoor activities.

🔶 Creative Design: Our can opener is a bar tool designed to remove the top of almost any can, enhancing your drinking experience and allowing you to do things with the can that you never thought possible.

🔶 Camping-friendly equipment: By removing the entire lid, it allows your nose to enjoy the aroma of the drink and allows you to add other drinks and ingredients at will so you can make a cocktail. It is perfectly suited for outdoor use, without glass.


Our can opener is a tool that can easily remove the entire top of the can. You can add ice cubes, lemons and other fruits as you like to enhance your double pleasure of sight and taste. Like the cup you use every day, it offers you a hearty and comfortable experience


  • Type of item: box opener  

  • Material: ABS plastic

  • Weight : 62,7 g 


  • 1 * Manual can opener   

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