Plantar Arch Insole

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No more pain in your knees heels, hips, or back!

Flat feet, high arches and plantar fasciitis are relieved by these  insoles. These insoles effectively reduce hip and lower back pain, heel pain, arch pain and knee pain. 

These padded insoles create a real comfort zone for your feet. They provide tired and painful feet with comfort, support and rest. How does it work? Thanks to its innovative technology in terms of shock absorption and compression, they effectively relieve tired feet.   

Plantar Arch Insole
Plantar Arch Insole

🔶 Natural treatment support for flat feet, high arches and foot problems. All sizes of feet are suitable, no size required.

🔶  No need to wear shoes because it is very comfortable to wear them every day. They give support to your feet.

🔶 Body position: reduces pain in the lower back, hip, knee, arch and heel. 


Made to be worn with the bottom of your foot with the fabric in contact and placed midfoot under the arch. However, each person are unique and have different particular areas on their feet. Need more support than others for the wearer on these areas to be moved or rotated according to what is most comfortable


Hand wash with water and mild soap. Rinse soles well and air dry. Can be machine washed. 

These insoles give support to your feet, because they are made of high quality cotton and elastic. You can wear them in your slippers, boots, shoes and socks. You will feel the relief immediately. Avoid suffering from constant pain. 

These pains should no longer affect your daily life. These insoles will make your life easier, so travel far and walk. 


  • Color: black.                          

  • Material : SBR.  

  • Size: about 7.5x5.2x1.5cm.


  • 1 pair * arch support insoles 

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