Petal shaped snack box

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Offer your guests delicious appetizers presented in an original box.

Spend an incredible moment with your family and friends with this flower-shaped appetizer box. Place your sweets, treats or sweet and savory appetizers in it while having a good time.


Shaped like a flower, this box is the perfect way to spend a convivial moment. This box is available with ten or five drawers, depending on your choice.

Say goodbye to clutter, now you can better organize your sweets and treats with this box.

Petal shaped snack box
Petal shaped snack box

🔶 Very sturdy and easy to clean, this flower-shaped box is made with a very resistant plastic.

 Its opening is also very easy. Indeed, you just have to turn the white button in the shape of a cheesecloth placed on the top of the box. The petals open automatically.

🔶 By cleaning it regularly, you will be able to reuse it many times and you will experience an incredible comfort: you will not feel it and you can even have lunch with it! 

🔶 Arrange your appetizers within each petal. Enjoy your pistachios, nuts, candies, chips or fruit shavings with ease. You can even divert the use of the box and turn it into a sewing box or a jewelry box.   

You just have to turn its end to open or close it. It can be a decorative piece in your room.

You can also convert the opening button into a phone holder. This way, you can look at your phone while enjoying your appetizers.

Choose the flower according to your preference:double layer, large or small. Each of them includes the flower on top. For the double layer versions, the opening is done automatically on two layers. Both parts of the flower open simultaneously.


  • Small box: 27 cm wide, 7.5 cm high    

  • Large box: 27 cm wide, 8 cm high  

  • 2-level box: 27 cm wide, 13 cm high  


  • 1x Petal-shaped snack box               

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