pelvic belt pelvic correction

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Do you often suffer from back knee or pelvis pain? Try our corrective belt to make you feel better. 

The Pelvic Correction Belt makes it easy to correct anterior pelvic tilt. It will relieve the back and hip processes. It also corrects the anterior or posterior tilt of your pelvis. 

pelvic belt pelvic correction
pelvic belt pelvic correction

🔶 The adjustable straps will define you to slim the tummy and lift the hips by eliminating fat deposits. They will also stabilize the pelvic ring to treat lower body pain.

🔶 It also corrects pelvic tilt for proper alignment and improved correct posture.

The dual tension belt provides stable support for your pelvis. It provides uniform compression to the unbalanced pelvic ring. This belt is designed to relieve the hip and back pressures provided by pelvic tilt.

The dual tension belt can adjust the appropriate position that suits your body. Each position has different uses, with the high position preventing pelvic tilt and the mid position wishing for postpartum patella expansion.


  • Color: Beige & Black


  • 1 x Pelvic Correction Belt  

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