Peach lure jumping frog

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Are you looking for the perfect lure for lure fishing?

An effective lure ideal for your tackle box: the jumping frog lure! Invented in Thailand, it is made to target predatory fish. You won't need to shake the lure anymore!


Thanks to its shape and physical strength, it perfectly imitates the action of jumping and can glide over the water several times.

This jumping frog fishing lure features a sharp double hook and a rubber tail.

All this striking design for better fishing!

Peach lure jumping frog
Peach lure jumping frog

🔶 This lure imitates perfectly the frog: it makes regular and constant jumps in a straight line. The fish will not resist it!

🔶 Durability and efficiency guaranteed: this little fishing jewel is made of ABS plastic and will guarantee you durability!

🔶 A great fishing tool: this lure is available in different colors!

Ideal fishing lure: By imitating a frog, this lure is an ideal bait for predatory fish.

The noise and splashing will definitely attract fish


  • Length: 90 mm

  • Weight: 9 grams

  • Made of ABS for more durability.

  • Different colors of paint and equipped with a rubber tail 

  • Regular and constant jump in a straight line.


  • One lure (choice of color)

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