Paint Roller with Edger

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Having trouble painting the corners of your wall?

Anyone who has ever painted a room knows the difficulty of painting along baseboards and moldings. Before the invention of the edge painting tool, the options were tape or tedious care.

But with this paint roller with edge trimmer, the job of getting clean paint lines around home accessories is a breeze. The smart edge roller is designed to make trimming around windows, doors, trim and corners quick and easy. It provides a controlled, continuous flow of paint from handle to roller, eliminating the need for messy, dripping brushes and paint trays.

Paint Roller with Edger
Paint Roller with Edger

🔶Putting the edges on a part quickly: Trimming can take time and effort. Make your job easier by using the paint roller with edge trimmer! Use this handy painting tool to quickly paint clean lines around baseboards, moldings, countertops, doors and ceilings.

🔶 Better Than a Brush: The Paint Roller with Trimmer works like a trimmer that pulls paint directly from the can and holds it in the handle, eliminating the need for messy brushes and paint trays.

🔶Easy to clean: When you're done, cleaning is a breeze. Simply thread the cleaning adapter directly onto a garden hose or threaded faucet to run water through the roller


Use the paint roller with edge trimmer and you'll have an unbeatable paint arsenal to quickly tackle any room transformation. Trim the edges in minutes, not hours! Cutting into paint can be tedious and time consuming...but not anymore!


  • Type : Paint roller

  • Size : 31*12*6,5 cm/22,5*12,5*6,5


  • Material: ABS

  • Weight : 265g


  • 1* Paint Roller with Trimmer 

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