Paint marker for car tires

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Want to give your car or motorcycle tires a more precise line and style?   Use our paint markers for car tires.   

Use our car tire paint markers. 


With these tire paint markers, give your tires a sporty look and make them look beautifully impressive. 

 There are 12 vibrant colors to choose from. 

Your tires will have an original look with these waterproof paint markers.     

Paint marker for car tires
Paint marker for car tires

🔶Have stylish tires: With 12 color choices, you can find the perfect color to match your car. Your tires will look great!

🔶 Safe but effective: The paint used is non-toxic and does not give off unpleasant odors. Moreover, it is permanent and waterproof!

🔶 High compatibility: You can indeed keep these markers for at least 2 years. You can also use them on any tire: motorcycles, cars, trucks, bicycles and others.

How can we best use our markers?

  Step 1: First wash the tires with soapy water and rub the surface to be painted.

  Step 2: Shake the pen with the cap for 30 seconds.

  Step 3: Then push down several times to prime the pen until the paint gradually flows.

  Step 4: Outline the letter, fill it in and then add one more coat. 

It is advisable to do 2 to 3 coats for a uniform finish   


  • An impressive look with your tires

  • Non-toxic, odorless and water resistant permanent paint. 

  • Color matched to your vehicle  

  • Twelve vibrant colors 

  • 2 year life span

  •  Compatible on all tires, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, ATVs and more! 


  • One Car Tire Paint Pen                                                                           

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