Painless epilator for women

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Would you like an easy and painless way to get rid of unwanted facial or body hair? 

This painless epilator for women is the best choice for you. It is specially designed for elegant ladies, which also makes it a great companion for your confidence and beauty. No creases, redness or irritation.   

A finish as smooth as waxing! And with your facial hair gone, your makeup is easy: when you're getting ready in a hurry, the last thing you want to spend your time on is styling.  

A trip to the salon takes precious time and can sometimes be very expensive... This painless epilator allows you to do your own hair removal without spending a dime. Try it today and you'll have a wonderful hair experience you won't regret!  

Painless epilator for women
Painless epilator for women

🔶 HIGH SAFETY STANDARDS: hypoallergenic design protects even the most sensitive skin from irritation, making it the ideal electric shaver.

🔶PAINLESS FACE CLEANSER: It is painless, effective and instantaneous. Remove unwanted hair from lips, chin, eyebrows and cheeks without worry. Create a smooth canvas for smooth makeup application. Remove them and fine facial hair for a flawless look.

🔶 COMFORTABLE AND COMPACT DESIGN: The cordless and discreet design allows you to shave easily in any room at any time. Hair is trapped inside the razor and can be easily removed when full.


Simple, practical and portable, finally a discreet solution to your shaving needs. It is completely hypoallergenic, soft and usable even on sensitive skin. It can be easily placed in your pocket or purse. It is an easy and painless way to get rid of unwanted hair on the face or body. 


  • Materials: ABS and stainless steel blade 

  • Cutting range : Adjustable  

  • Power supply: 1 AA battery  

  • Suitable for: Nose, Ears & Eyebrows, Body grooming, 

    Beard & Moustache, Body hair.  

  • Water resistant  


  • * Painless hair remover for women                            

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