Orthopedic Memory Pillow

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Do you feel headaches stiffness or neck pain when you wake up?

Sometimes when you wake up, your neck hurts terribly. This can cause numbness in the legs and arms, or sciatica. Backache and head pain are also common after a restless night. But that's not all, you feel irritated and tired because of the neck pain you feel when you wake up.How can this be explained? Many people think it is a mattress problem. This is not wrong, but it is not necessarily true either.


For a restful and refreshing night, it is essential to adopt the right sleeping positions, but also, and above all, to use a good pillow. Generally speaking, when people experience this type of pain, they normally consult a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. 

Orthopedic Memory Memory Pillow
Orthopedic Memory Memory Pillow

🔶 By aligning the cervical spine and distributing body weight evenly, this pillow effectively relieves pressure on the intervertebral discs in the neck.   

🔶 This relief of the cervical spine contributes greatly to the reduction of pressure on the shoulders, back and neck after a long and hard day's work. Aligns the airways, greatly reducing snoring.

🔶 Blood pressure, cell damage and stress are reduced, but not only. The risk of obesity, disease and depression are also reduced. The improvement of mood, memory and concentration are noticeable. 

Normal pillows :

 On your back:  Your head often leans forward without a headrest. In this kind of situation, stretching the neck out of alignment causes pain not only in the neck, but also in the shoulders and back. But that's not all, snoring and headaches are also caused by this poor sleeping position.

Sideways position: With a normal pillow, your head and neck stretch quickly. This is because the height of this type of pillow is not at all suitable. In addition, your spine is not aligned causing back, shoulder and neck pain.  

One of the problems with normal pillows is that they easily retain moisture because they are often too warm. This encourages the growth of bacteria and bad odors.   

Orthopedic Pillow with Memory Foam:

On your back: The lumbar extension keeps your upper back in the right position. Your neck is properly supported by the "cervical contour". Your head is comfortably supported by the "central cavity". Your spine is perfectly aligned. The snoring problem is solved!

Lateral position:With our orthopedic memory pillow, your head and neck are aligned exactly at shoulder height. They also rest easily on the raised sides of the pillow. This keeps your spine in proper alignment. When you sleep on your side, our pillow offers you optimal comfort thanks to its flexible "side cavity".  





  • Reduces neck pain  

  • Effective relief of back pain (in the upper part)  

  • The spine is perfectly aligned  

  • Reduces snoring 

  • Protects against temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders  


  • 1* Orthopedic memory pillow                                 

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