Orthopedic gel seat cushion

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Do you often suffer from back pain or are you always in a sitting position? 

This orthopedic cushion is the solution to your problems.  

This orthopedic gel cushion is suitable for people who sit for a long time. Indeed, it helps to avoid back pain and posture problems.

People who suffer from back pain can reduce and relieve their pain with this cushion. It will also correct your posture. 

Orthopedic gel seat cushion
Orthopedic gel seat cushion

🔶 This cushion is also suitable for people who spend long hours in a sitting position. You can prevent your back problems and also improve your blood circulation and avoid certain diseases such as the formation of varicose veins. 

🔶 This orthopedic cushion supports your coccyx and relieves pressure on your back. It has been ergonomically designed to provide the best possible comfort and support. This is how you will have a good posture. 

🔶 This cushion also helps you recover from possible herniated discs, lower back pain, sciatica and other localized health problems in the spine.

Set it up in your office or take it with you on your travels or on your wheelchairs. It is also washable in the washing machine.      

Improves blood circulation and relieves back pain. Corrects posture and improves blood circulation in the legs. Provides comfort in a sitting position.      


  • Cover: 57,5% Polyester   

  • Colors: Black, Grey, Pink, Blue   


  • 1x Ergonomic Cushion            

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